What is Milky Coco

Milky Cocois a new coconut milk drink , a unique blend of coconut water and coconut milk , It is easy drink with a pleasant taste and naturally sweetened.


Milky COco Benefits

Get Slim
Milky Coco contains "Medium Chain Fatty Acid" which helps in the process of excess calories burning and reduced food intake.
Get Healthy
Milky Coco contains "Lauric Acid" which have antimicrobial properties, thus reinforce the immune system.
Get Fresh
Milky Coco contains several electrolytes from natural coconut water such as Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium which refresh you up again.

Alternative to cow's milk

Suitable for :

  • Vegetarians
  • People with lactose intolerance or milk allergies and growth hormone use common to cow’s milk
  • People with gluten allergy from soy




Preservatives Added

Yummy & Healthy


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